POST: 'Steve' - those who didn't "make it"


What's it about?

To me, it seems like all these plays, whether Off Broadway or on Broadway, have characters who "make it" in life. So. what happened to the people who didn't "make it" in life? Steve is exactly that. It's about a failed Broadway chorus boy, Steven, and his three friends Matt and Carrie.

The play follows their life and all the problems surrounding them. Carrie is a lesbian that can't face the truth that her partner is leaving her, she is also a performer. Later on in the play, they find out she has cancer. Carrie is a very realistic person and is always the mediator between her friends. Steven and Stephen, are a gay couple who are raising their son. Steven was once a Broadway chorus boy, who is now a stay home dad and is very optimistic but likes things to revolve around him. And the last couple is Matt and Brian, also gay, who are experiencing things out of their comfort zone. Matt goes with the flow and when in a serious situation he is always there.

What'd I experience?

Walking to the theatre, I didn't know what to expect. According to my knowledge, there rarely plays, movies, or shows that don't revolve around people who "make it." I'm so use to the cliché ending - the guy gets the girl, blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong, it's nice seeing that but it gets boring sometimes. Sometimes I just want something new, out of the ordinary, you know?

So when I walked in, it was a very small intimate theatre. Thankfully, I sat right in the middle so I wasn't too close nor too far from the stage. As I was trying to find my seat, the actors were already singing so I thought to myself, "oh crap! What time did it start? I know for a fact it said 2p.m." Well, I was right, thankfully. I was early, they were just singing for the people who were there. I guess.

The play starts off with Steven, Carrie and Matt and their partners all at the dinner table celebrating Steven's birthday. Steven and Stephen have been together for more than 14 years and now Steven is suspecting that Stephen is cheating on him. Steven asked for Stephen's phone and he was scared to show it to him. So Steven finally snatched away Stephen's phone and found nude pictures! I repeat NUDE PICTURES! 😱😱😱

Not only did he find that, but he found out that those nude pictures where being sent to Brian, Matt's partner. In my head, I was like "who does that?! That's his best friends partner, and they've been together for 14 years!" Oh no. If that was my husband it would've been over. How can someone cheat, especially with someone you consider a friend? Mind blowing.

Even though most of the audience were old people, the director kept it young by having a scene that was just text messages between Brian and Stephen. It was aboustely silent and all you heard where the little rings, that you get when you receive a message on your phone. Even though I was sitting in the middle, I couldn't see because I'm so blind! Brian and Stephen knew that Steven knows and they still decide to have an affair.

The thing that bothered me the most was Matt, Brian's partner. He was acting like he didn't know anything. It was so annoying. I kept telling myself are you serious? Yeah it hurts that you got cheated on but dude do something about it! Don't act like you don't know anything. Not only that, but Matt and Brian where having a threesome with their trainer, who also was the same trainer for Stephen.

With that on Steven's plate, he also finds out that his best friend, Carrie, has cancer. #cancersucks. (I understood his pain because my uncle, passed away from cancer in 2006.)

Carrie stayed at Steven's house while she was recovering, but she didn't make it. At first, I was confused because Carrie was having a conversation with Steven and he was questioning himself: why Stephen cheated on him, why was his best friend was dying from cancer and what exactly was he doing with his life at he age of 40? Carrie told him that everything will be okay and it was time for her to go and experience new things. 

Steven comes back to his senses and he hears from Matt, "it's time." I realized then that  Carrie had passed. I related to this so much because I was just a little girl when my uncle died. However, at the age of 14, I had a dream. My uncle was dressed in white and said that everything was going to be okay and that I was to tell my grandma and everyone else to stop crying because he was happy and nothing hurt anymore. Talking about my uncle or just saying his name brings tears in my eyes. So when that happened to Steven, I started to get emotional because losing someone is unbearable.

With all this emotion, the play ended with Steven, Stephen, Matt and Brian all coming together to celebrate Carrie. Her funeral wasn't a typical funeral, people were partying and going crazy. Even with Carrie not being physically there, she still managed to get her friends together again - forgetting about all the negativity and becoming one again. It was bittersweet.


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