POST: 'Shear Madness' - who killed Isabel Czerny?

What's it about?

Sheer madness takes place in a beauty salon in Chelsea that is owned by Tony. His landlord, Isabel Czerny, was a famous pianist but quit after she had an aniexty attack during her performance. Tony believes she plays her piano daily to annoy him. One day she was playing her usual "games" and then she ended up murdered. The play takes place after the murder, as Detective O'Brien tries to solve the murder.

What'd I experience?

I knew I wanted to see Sheer Madness because of the little bio. It was labeled "Best Comedy of the Year." So little old me, wanted to be the judge of that.

Coming to the show, I found out it was interactive. So I knew it was going to be different. I had my high expectations (because it was voted, "Best Comedy of the Year," both in Boston and Chicago). It also was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest-running play in the history of the USA. Being a typical New Yorker, I questioned if this was true or not; I had to see for myself.

My favorite part of the play was that it was interactive. Once the murder of Tony's famous pianist landlord was discovered, Detective O'Brien asked for some lights. The lights went on and the actors screamed in shock asking where all these people came from. Detective O'Brien went on to question the audience, about the steps that each suspect took - Barbara, Ms. Shubert, Eddie Lawrence and Tony. All these people were in the salon when the landlord was murdered.

Each character would retrace his/her steps and the detective would ask the audience if this was correct. I was so into the play that I didn't notice that I had raised my hand 🙋to correct the scene. I'm shy when it comes to meeting and talking to new people. So imagine - the audience and the actors all turning to me - I instantly turned red. I thought to myself, "crap Cynthia, what did you just do?" 😳 

After my brave outburst, there was a 15 minute intermission - Detective O'Brien told the audience that if they had any questions, or other important evidence to come see him in the hall. I got up and went to the restroom but once I came out there were so many people surrounding him. It was interesting because both old and young people were taking part in it. They (including myself) looked like we were little kids again trying to solve a Scooby-Doo mystery. 


I liked how the show included some news that had happened recently.  For example, Detective O'Brien was in a Mets baseball jersey because they made it to the playoffs. They even had a little joke about Yankee fans. But some of these jokes were mind blowing. Detective O'Brien was uncovered in Tony's salon getting a haircut. Tony cut him by accident and at that point there was chaos. Barbara was trying to make him stay, but he simply replied, "if I wanted to put my life in danger, I would've gone with Lamar Odom to Las Vegas." Me being a big #Khlomar fan, I was shocked! I was like, "wow, he did not just say that!" 😱 After that all the memes about Lamar came to mind:


Detective O'Brien asked the audience to raise their hands if they thought Tony, Barbara, Ms. Shubert, or Eddie Lawrence was the murder. I raised my hand for Eddie Lawrence because something was off about him. All the four suspects were held in the salon, while Detective O'Brien went to go find the murder weapon and that's when my guy, spilled the beans. He was the one who killed her! But at the end, Detective O'Brien said that depending on the audience, the outcome is always different. So now I'm asking: who killed Isabel Czerny?


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