POST: 'Ruthless! The Musical' - who is going to kill who?

What's it about?

Ruthless. There is no better word to describe someone who is without pity for another, whose ego would blindly lead them through the most extreme circumstances to meet their desires.

Well, this is no less the case of Tina Denmark, a nine-year-old girl who believes she's born to triumph as an actress. With no shame in demonstrating her talents, her amazing voice and steps, she makes sure everybody knows that she was "born to be a star." Anyone would think this is a very confident charming little girl at first - for such an age with so much talent, it is hard not to be captured by Tina. I thought about my little sisters turning out to be as awesome as her, I would be such a proud sister. :)

But she is a cold-hearted child with no sense of sympathy, able to go over the limit to fulfill her dream. 
That pretty much sums it up. 

What'd I experience?

Judy, Tina's mother, is proud that her daughter is gifted but has no idea who she's inherited it from, as she herself is "talentless" or so she thinks, and therefore thinks that education must come first for Tina. A worrisome mother doing what she thinks is best for her child - I mean, that's what the majority of mothers do right?

Sylvia, the manager that discovers Tina's talent, differs from Judy's thinking (education coming first) and tries to convince Judy to support her daughter's future career. Sylvia believes that there are no limits when it comes to achieving one's dream - so one must whatever when they have the chance. An idea that Tina idolizes, in not such positive terms - that sounds quite malicious :0

It really made me wonder what Tina was capable of doing - I mean, she was just a kid?

When the opportunity to be the lead in the school play comes along and Tina learns that she would be the understudy, she did what she needed to get the part. Knowing that if something happened to the lead she would takeover. Strategically, she decides to go easy at first, nicely asking for the part. But after she was denied, she opted for the outrageous - "the girl that was cast to play the lead role in the play was found hanged by a jump rope..."
My eyes widened. Woah! She actually killed her? This little girl is a little devil.

Judy, Tina’s mother, confronts her after hearing about the news but she calmly denies it, as if nothing had happened. She definitely has a cold heart. Smh

At the same time, Judy learns that she has been living a lie her whole life. Turns out that the person she thought was her mother wasn’t.  She was the daughter of a talented artist, believed to be dead - suddenly everything clicked for Judy, she wasn’t untalented. She too wanted to shine, leaving her with most convenient option. She reported Tina to the police. At this point I'm thinking which is worse: the daughter or the mother? I mean, in any case she should turn her daughter in, yes. But she didn't do it with those intentions, she did it because of jealousy. More and more I thought about how outrageous this was.

Time passes. Judy becomes more and more obnoxious, showing off her new home, clothes, and even her maid, Eve. On the other hand, she is also tired of Sylvia. Sylvia is sympathizing with Tina, waiting for the day that she is finally let out of the juvenile correctional facility. The idea of how money can corrupt hit right in.

Realizing the situation, Sylvia decides to put a stop to it by confessing her truth to Judy.  She did not just casually discover Tina.  She did it to remedy her mistake, leaving her daughter for the opportunity of fame. Sylvia was Judy’s mother. 

At that same instant, Tina shows up at the door. Cue the confrontations between mother and daughter. And just when Judy believes she's achieved a new beginning, there is a turn of events. As if it hasn’t been enough yet.  Eve, the maid, with a gun in hand, decides to reveal her true identity and her true intentions - to get justice for her daughter. Yes, I was puzzled... what daughter???

It turns out that she was the mother of the girl that Tina killed, and her plans don’t include leaving with Judy alive. Of course, there was mishandling of the gun - from one person to another - and who's left alive? Only Tina and Judy. Quite dramatic. Questions started to rise…..who was going to kill who? Were they going to go back to the way they were before, like mother and daughter?

It seemed as if they were willing to go back. But once again, in Tina’s mind there is only one goal and whether she was being selfish or wicked, she didn’t care. Realizing that her mother was just as talented, without any remorse and with a steady hand, she shoots her. My eyes widened once again, there was no stopping this girl.


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