POST: 'Quantum Joy' - a play or a fascinating lecture

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What's it about?

So, to answer the question everyone loves to ask: how was the play?

Weird, confusing and interesting. This play depicts the past, present and future. I couldn't figure out whether I was watching a play or if I was in a lecture with a really fascinating professor. One thing is for sure it was definitely unique. The play breaks down quantum physics and had my mind exploding with new ways to study for my finals.

What'd I experience?

As I entered Dixon Place I wasn't sure what I was in for. Before I took my seat I noticed the stage had a projector that was turned off, computers, a chair, a desk and a seated robot. Pondering this intriguing setting, I took a seat in one of the seats that wasn't reserved but was curious why there was reserved seating. The show started as I sat in dimness, listening to a voice speak of what seemed to be random and terrifying things, that later had a pattern. Then, a man came out (Victor Morales) who had a Venezuelan accent and reminded me of Professor X from the  X-men. He was very knowledgeable and has a sincere desire to impart that knowledge. 


Through the virtual world Victor created, a world he claimed to be "god of," I saw flaws and glitches. None that is unfamiliar to humanity, but seem progressive because of new development in technology. From the visualization of the quantum physics museum, I saw the depiction multiple types of art (painting, sculpture, etc)  and I was struck by how creative we are, human beings. Nevertheless, our abilities to comprehend the unexplained nature of life is impossible, but we continue to strive to do so. The play also presented an obvious line between human existence and destruction. At the end, I remember asking myself - what was the message or what was the play really about?

The play dropped some hardcore lessons. It had me thinking at every turn. I questioned myself as I watched. Am in control of my life or am I a puppet on a string? The play open with a glitch in the vocal projection. Then, Mr. Morales talked about technology and how much we can do with it. And the more I watched and engaged, I realized the lack of control.

He showed a beach at the beginning, it pulled me in and soothed me. But later, I started to wonder what was the real purpose - is that what technology does... soothes us, gets us glued and then suddenly overcomes us like the waves?

He talked about everything being an atom, the tiniest particle. I wondered - how this all connected?  This is what I concluded: life doesn't need to make sense. We have one life and whether or not weapons exist or technology progresses, we all are going to die because as atoms we all share one thing: an expiration. Is this motivational, maybe not, but it reminds us to not be like the balloon robot: so consumed by the world's ideologies and theories about life and existence that we explode, or die prematurely. Rather, enjoy what we know and live with the truth we have.


Want to see it?

$12 Student Tickets

Quantum Joy
Dixon Place
thru Dec. 19