POST: 'Noises Off' - like, why are you so funny?

What's it about?

Noises Off is a play about putting on a show. The audience gets the chance to see all the mistakes and improvisations that go on throughout the production. You to seeing all the moving parts from the director to the actors, and everyone else who plays a role in putting on a show.

What'd I experience?

Of course I’d be the one to go shopping and almost lose track of time before going to see a show. Okay, so the show starts at 8 PM and its 7 PM, I’m in Brooklyn on my phone looking for the nearest train. I spot the F train but know it runs so slow that I just can’t deal. Then I see the Q train and I know that train doesn’t play no games. I get in the station book it up those stairs and get right into the train. Seriously, it was like the train was waiting for me. I reached Times Square at like 7:52, and got into the theater at exactly 7:58. Clearly I like keeping track of time.

The play started with a woman, Dotty Otley (Pippa Peachtree) rehearsing her lines with her director. She was making so many mistakes it was ridiculous. She kept on forgetting that she had to hang up the landline, take her newspaper, and leave the plate of sardines - in that order. Instead she would drag the landline off set, take the sardines, and leave the newspaper. She kept doing multiple takes while the director kept screaming at her. Cleary he couldn't deal with how slow she was acting. I began to get annoyed too, like really girl? How do you continue to forget this simple order? GET IT TOGETHER!!!!!!

She walked off stage while a man, Garry Lejeune (David Furr), and a woman, Brooke Ashton (Megan Hilty), came on stage. Brooke was already making mistakes. She simply didn’t know how to act. She was always posing after every line and made every motion seem so rehearsed. I was laughing after every gesture she made. She was my favorite. The way she took little baby steps in her 6 inch heels and spoke in a high squeaky voice was so cute. It looked like she was trying so hard to be perfect but she was soooooo bad at acting. She was so bubbly and always said her lines at the wrong time. I was always laughing when she was on - like, why are you so funny?

It was all a mess.

The director called for a break and that led to an intermission. As I was sitting in my seat, I felt a little restricted and claustrophobic. I don’t even have claustrophobia. It was just that I was sitting in between two guys that were kind of like bigger than me.  I looked to my left and saw an entire row that was empty. I got up asked one of the workers if I could sit there for the remainder of the show and she said yes. I felt like I hit the jackpot. I could finally breathe, relax, and lay my brand new camel coat out on a chair all by itself and give it the respect that it deserves.

After intermission, the set was turned around and it was like we were watching the show from backstage. That was super cool! As the actors went on you could see how stressed they all were - they were fidgeting and worried because they didn’t know all of their lines.

The mess that was going on backstage was iconic! Each time a cast member would come back from the set they would argue backstage. I just kept thinking about how they could be taking the time to rehearse and help each other with lines instead of fighting and acting foolish. They would argue about mixing up lines and not being in their assigned places. It was so sad how messy they were.

The actors were so mad at each other for messing up scenes that they would tie each other’s laces together and tie each other’s costumes together too. Garry went out without knowing that his laces were tied together and literally fell down the stairs and broke the set. It was hilarious because for a moment I was like… “Ummmmmm, was all of that really supposed to break.”

It was all just a big funny mess. I loved seeing backstage. Everyone was running around like chickens! No one was rehearsing their lines. Everybody was just fighting and confused! It was so messy that in the closing scene the curtain only came down half way! Then the actors all tugged at it and completely ripped it. I would want to rip it off too if I was in a show that went so horribly wrong! I could not deal!

When I got out of the theatre I had to tweet about it. I tweeted Brooke played by Megan Hilty and she liked my post!


Want to see it?

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Noises Off
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thru Mar. 6