POST: 'Comedy of Errors' - we are all in this together

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

What's it about?

The play is about two sets of twins who get separated by an unfortunate storm at sea. Egeon the father sets out to find his lost son and gets arrested. The split between the two twins causes a case of mistaken identities when Antipholus and Drimio of Syracuse gets to Ephesus in search of their lost brothers. In the end, things are resolved and everyone gets reunited with their loves, parents and siblings. 

What'd I experience?

#YouAndIAreBackTogether #funny #interactive #understandable #engaging

That's what my twitter page would be saying after seeing Comedy of Errors.  I must say, I was a bit iffy about seeing it. Shakespeare isn't easy to digest. I only decided to go because it was at the Public Theater. I remember in my high school the sophomore theater majors did a production of Comedy of Errors. So I wondered how my understanding of it would be altered, even though I couldn't remember much of it from back then. 

I didn't want to be...

When I got to theater I sat outside on the steps, chatting on my phone with some friends who were curious and wished they could see it. After about 15 minutes I walked in, got my ticket and sat down inside the theater. I was surprised when I walked inside, the stage was a little square, literally all that was there was a rug. I think what happened was I walked in with an expectation that the stage was going to look similar to Barbecue. As I sat anxiously waiting the short few minutes till the product would start, I stared at the square rug on the ground that was the stage. I really found it interesting, I wanted to see how it would all play out. 

The vibe I got from the moment I walked inside was relax and be open.  Some of the cast members were up on stage playing a game as the audience members walked in, they walked around and said hi - I didn't even know they were a part of the show. They were really nice, approachable people. Which I must say, definitely reflected back into the play - during the play regular audience members were taken from their seats to act as the mother and father of Dromio (all they did was imitate actions) while Egeon told the story of how he got separated from his son and wife. The way seats for the audiences were situated said that the audience would play a part, that we are all in this together.

I seriously would see the play again, only this time I would take my friends. I know my friends would get a kick out of how funny the play was. Especially when Adriana, Antipholus thought had been cheating, when in fact she was with the other twin. In her defense, no one knew Antipholus had twin. Even when Dromio ran out with all the kiss on his face, saying a breast, not a woman wanted to own him. I connected to it, something I can't say I recall doing from any other Shakespeare play I've seen. I also learned that the play is mobile and they have done it in all five boroughs. What was even more inspiring was the fact that they have done the play in prisons and homeless shelters. For that reason, the play began made me felt like I was supporting a cause.  

I laughed, I felt the awes, the ewes; I was able to relate to a Shakespeare play and it was great.  I remember one part in the play were Dromio of either Syracuse or Ephesus being seduced by a Abbess, and he ran from her describing her to be this fat, really nasty, disgusting look beast-which was very funny. The most amusing part of the show was seeing how Bernardo Cubria and Lucas Rooney played  the role of the twins. It was very interesting, especially at the end when both twins were present, think about one individual being self and at the same time or in the same moment being their identical twin-the way they did it was really cool.

The sounds that projected the slaps, kicks, knocking on the door, and fighting was hilarious. It wasn't just the rug but the whole room that was the stage. Using the entire room kinda made it more exciting because you didn't know who was going to pop up where.  

I connected to experiences of love, and misfortunes of being split from family members; of course never has anyone mistaken me for someone else like how Antipholus and Dromio were-even though, I have been told on many occasions that me and my younger sister look alike and for some weird reason sound alike.

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Comedy of Errors
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