POST: 'Matilda' - Oh, and she uses her powers of telekinesis


What's it about?

Matilda focuses on a young girl named Matilda. She was born into a family that doesn’t seem to care about her. Her father wishes she were a boy and her mother barely pays her any attention. Matilda finds love and comfort in books. Oh, and she uses her powers of telekinesis to get revenge on certain people and to teach them lessons.

What'd I experience?

As I entered The Shubert Theater I did not know what to expect. I just wanted to see how they transformed this movie into a musical. As a kid, I watched the movie soooooooo many times - so I know there wasn’t any music in the movie. 

The show began with about 6 children (all around the ages of 4 and 5, in the story) dancing and singing. The lyrics of the song were along the lines of “My mommy says I’m a miracle, my daddy says I’m his special little soldier.”  Each child said a positive thing that their parents think of them.

Then Matilda came out and said “My mummy says I'm a lousy little worm. My daddy says I'm a bore.” I was like "OOOOOHHHHH!!!! Now that’s sad!"

That one line set the tone of the relationship between Matilda and her parents. Although I already knew their relationship, I was still stunned because I was looking at this cute, innocent, loving little girl who... looks like a loner at the age of 4. She looked like she needed love and a friend, and it didn’t help that she was the palest child out of them all.

In school Matilda’s principal, Miss Trunchbull, is a bully. She bullies the children and even Matilda’s teacher Ms. Honey. Miss Trunchbull is so aggressive, tall, and physically built like a man. Well, actually, Miss Trunchbull was played by a male actor dressed as a woman. I really felt her aggression, I mean Miss Trunchbull disciplined the children by throwing them into the “choker,” which is basically a closet full of nails. When e saw the choker - the theatre lights went on and off; the sound effects were thunder, loud screams, and cries. 

I was waiting to see Matilda demonstrate her telekinesis. She finally used it on Miss Trunchbull. She used it on her by knocking down the cup she was drinking. I was like THAT’S RIGHT! YOU GO MATILDA! GET THAT BULLY!

I was happy she did that, but I actually wanted her to like move Miss Trunchbull herself. I wanted more. I know she moved a cup I can’t move anything but I was like” Uhhhhhh, can you move something a little bigger and heavier Matilda?”

Miss Trunchbull and everyone but Ms. Honey ran away. Matilda didn’t know what was going on, but Ms. Honey told Matilda that she was special.

Matilda was so frustrated, never getting love or attention from her family, that she didn’t know what to do. Her father was in a fraudulent business with some Russians that were running him out of the country. His bad business move made him have to relocate and Matilda did not want to go. Ms. Honey, who didn’t have children stepped into the picture and said she would keep and care for Matilda, as her own. Her parents agreed and relocated. Matilda finally got the love and attention she was longing for through Ms. Honey.

It was so cute to see her happy. It was such a Disney-esque ending (Disney movies usually end with a character running off into the sunset having a happy ending) and I was fine with that. 


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