POST: 'Mad Libs Live!' - You're my mysterious chimichanga.

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What's it about?

Not your typical musical full of choreographed dancing and boat loads of singing. This one’s got an interactive twist. The songs are full of blanks and the audience gets to mad lib their way into the performance. A cast of four unlikely teenagers form a singing group and compete in the hopes to win the title of Teen Superstars.

After each show, I love to draw a scene that had an impact on me. When Merrily sung "You're My Mysterious Chimmychanga," and I got to see her love for Geyser, I couldn't help but cheer them on. Love always pulls at my heart strings. 

After each show, I love to draw a scene that had an impact on me. When Merrily sung "You're My Mysterious Chimmychanga," and I got to see her love for Geyser, I couldn't help but cheer them on.
Love always pulls at my heart strings. 

What'd I experience?

 I decided to catch up on the latest episode of Awkward before making my way into the city. I was cutting it pretty close, but it was getting really good. Needless to say, I love you’s were exchanged, and I left pretty happy.

I got to the venue (30 min early, phew!) and I was informed that there were slips of papers to fill out in my playbill. I nodded my head, smiled, and made my way to my seat. I looked at the slips of paper thinking they were a survey only to find out they were blank mad lib lines. Now, I know that should probably have been expected with the title being Mad Libs Live!, but I was expecting more of a shout out a response verses writing them down. But I guess, that doesn't sound very practical. I couldn’t really come up with any creatively funny nouns, adjectives, verbs, and adverbs, but I did the best I could. The words on my sheets were circus, smelly, eat, and creepily.  I actually got to hear two of the words I wrote, and I felt cooler than school!

The character Merrily opened the stage and informed the audience to fill out their slips of paper. I automatically related to and fell in love with her personality. She had this energetic, lovableness about her, but I also identified with her uncertainty and fear. Stepping into the unknown can be scary, and the fear of failure always seems to be looming. What you don’t realize is that by not taking the risk, you lose 100% of the opportunity. Before her first song, she almost kisses the boy she fancies but ends up singing a song to him instead, "You’re My Mysterious Chimichanga." Can I just say, it was very catchy. Her second song, "Fearless," had a more sexy, powerful theme. In that song, I saw her grow from uncertainty to booming with confidence, and then, she kisses the boy she fancies. Drum roll please. It's Geyser the nerd! Happy Endings. Relationships. Love. Yas. Yas. So Much yas. I can't even, is real right now. 

Now, Geyser, oh boy. I found my eyes always gravitating towards where he was on stage the entire show. I’m a huge bowtie and suspenders fan, so naturally when I saw his outfit, I fell in love. Add nerdy glasses, a cool kid’s backpack, terribly cute dance moves, and a smooth, sexy voice -- you’ve won me over. He was your stereotypical nerd into gaming, Star Trek, and speaking in that monotone voice filled with huge words I could barely keep up with. Just like every stereotypical nerd, he had a heart of gold and was searching to feel accepted, as well as make friends. His song about friendship had this emotional girl (me) in tears. I felt his pain in that song, so cue the waterworks because we got a crier. Clean up in Row H.

Virtuosa, however. Ugh. One word for her. Now, don't get me wrong. There were moments I liked her. Whatever adlib was thrown at her, she acted it out hilariously. Besides that though, I disliked her character. She was self-absorbed and believed that she was the center of attention. And yes, she learned in the end that not everything was about her, but she didn't learn that lesson until she hurt Merrily's feelings. Merrily was my girl, so when that happened, that was a huge HEEEEEELLLLLL NO.      

There isn’t much to say about GoGo. He was the jock with a sweet side, and he was funny from time to time but he faded into the background and I was okay with that. More time to focus on Merrily, Geyser, and their love!

The songs had a lot of beats in the back, so I was jammin’. The adlibs only made the songs better. It wasn’t your typical type of songs. It was unique, heartfelt, and even funny. They were relevant to the times too, which was nice. Lots of John Cena and Donald Trump references with the occasional use of the word poop. With kids in the audience, it was expected, and it made me happy. Once a child-at-heart, always a child-at-heart?

(SPOILER ALERT) In the end, they sadly didn’t win the competition, which I think was ridiculous. Merrily’s last song was crazy good, but she fell shy of a couple points. Insert conspiracy theory here. I think she had to lose so they all would learn that they gained more than they lost. I plan on going to see the show again to see what new ideas the audience comes up with and if they win, but I feel like winning isn’t in the future of the group I’m Still Thinking. I’m sorry but screw the other group, No Direction. I’m Still Thinking kicked ass, and they changed their name to Mad Libs Live! which sounds even cooler. Yeah, I’m a little bitter. What can I say? They were a good time, and No Direction was nowhere to be found. Mad Libs Live for life! 


Want to see it?

$27 General Rush

Mad Libs Live!
New World Stages
thru Jan. 3