POST: 'Lost Girls' - trying to stop the past from repeating

What's it about?

Where did she go? Is she ok? Omg I hope she's safe! These questions and concerns arose in the minds of Maggie and Lou. Maggie and Lou were high school sweet 😍hearts who are now divorced πŸ’”. Lou is currently married to a different woman, a very "religious" woman. πŸ™ She married as a virgin and only gave herself to Lou, so of course Maggie and her mom envy her because they both were pregnant at a young age. Each of these individuals are lost and always put on a mask to act and seem as if they have their lives pulled together. All to try to stop the past from repeating itself.

What'd I experience?

Throughout the show, there's a whole lot of animosity. Everyone was cursing each other out, everyone except the holy one, Penny. Well, her mouth did stay clean until she felt like Lou was being a jerk. I sat there and thought, "Well, that's harsh!" I honestly didn't expect that for the show, but it was alright because it just made every moment feel more intense.

When I figured that the title wasn't about what I expected - I was a bit surprised. It was a metaphoric title more than it was literal. These female characters were struggling to figure out who they were and what their purpose was. For Maggie, her daughter and her mother they tried to fight what was expected from them, pregnancy at a young age. πŸ‘Ά They were in this constant fight with the past, it seemed to them that it just kept repeating. When Maggie was her daughter's age she ran away - crazy thing, the man she ran away with was Lou. As a teen in high school Maggie used the love that Lou secretly had for her against him. She was running away to meet a man, a man who her mother Linda, used to call her boyfriend. This was not the first time that Maggie got intimate with one of her mother's boyfriends. Why did she do it? Wouldn't she be disgusted? Maggie felt like she was getting back at her mom if she continued to do it. The thing that stopped her from going through with her plans as a teen was Lou, he admitted his love to her.

Maggie's daughter was missing for almost an entire day and there were scenes in which I thought that the girl in the hotel room with this young boy, was her daughter. At the end you find out it wasn't them, it was her parents' run away story. That came as a shock to me. Throughout the entire show I honestly thought it was their daughter, and when I found out that it wasn't... I sat there and thought, like mother like daughter. The only difference is Maggie did it to hurt her mother, while Maggie's daughter did it to help a friend.

At a point in the show everyone begins to open up to each other and let out the things that have been hindering their lives. That is when you find out Lou's past: as a teen he was this jock, but not the jerk type of jock. Lou was a sweetheart, and a momma's boy. He was this perfect rich boy, with a messed up drunk father. You would think that Lou would learn from his father's mistakes - unfortunately he doesn't, he learns from his own. He became the man that he never enjoyed seeing his father be, and lost his family because of this. Maggie never understood the reason he acted the way he did, but the night their daughter doesn't return home, they begin to understand each other, leaving the past behind and look forward. 

As I walked into the theater, I was stuffing a bagged slice of pizza into my book bag. πŸ• Let me tell you about what happened to me at that pizzeria down the block from the theater. All I wanted was food and the closest thing was pizza. As I walked in, I realized there were only guys. I was the ONLY ☝female in that pizzeria. The moment I stepped foot inside, those guys stared at me including the workers. Of course, I felt awkward and uncomfortable, but I was hungry so I disregarded the stares. I walked to the ATM to take cash out and I felt one of the workers stare at me walk through the entire room. 😳 After I grabbed my ATM receipt and was about to receive my pizza that worker yells from across the room "You no stay?" I told him I didn't have time to sit and eat, I was going to watch a show. Of course he completely ignored that and continued to stare at me and then decided to make a comment and in Spanish he said, "From the moment you walked in here, I fell in love with you." I laughed but secretly wanted to smack the living daylights out of him. Soooo frustrating. 

At the theater I think everyone was having a rough day. I think they were all just hungry.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ During the show, the guy sitting in front of me turned around and yelled at the guy sitting at my right "Can you seriously stop making that noise, like now, thank you!" Well, funny thing is the guy didn't stop nor did he reply back to him but once he turned away, he start making the noise again. I was cracking up, he's a brave soul.

The two guys sitting to my right were having the most interesting conversation on how easy it is to get a girl at a Broadway show. To my surprise apparently all you have to do, according to these two fellows, is ask her, "Am I in your way? Am I blocking your view?" And if they say yes you offer your seat to them. That is total bull crap because I've never given a guy my number just because he offered me his seat. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ The theater was just an odd place to be that night.


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Lost Girls
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