POST: 'King Charles III' - Prince Charles isn't prepared


What's it about?

Queen Elizabeth II has died. After waiting so long for his turn - Prince Charles isn't prepared to face all the criticism, even from his very own family. Refusing to sign a bill is just one of the many issues faced, along with a house filled with ghosts and Lady Macbeth for a daughter-in-law.

What'd I experience?

If you love Kate Middleton, I would enter King Charles III with caution.  

Prior to seeing the play, all I knew about the royal family was that Kate had a sense of fashion (according to my Instagram feed), so I was blindsided when that sweet Duchess turned out to be the manipulative and calculating monster who ruins the King.  

Now, I don’t keep up with royal affairs, and unlike the rest of the world, I don’t care about about the royal babies (cause’ I hate kids). I’d say a quick google on Prince Charles would be wise prior to watching the show. Luckily, I had my friend Maury - a royal encyclopedia -  to ask for a quick brief on what Prince Charles’ deal was. This is what I gathered;

  1. Widow (also cheater, so don’t feel too bad)

  2. Dude has been waiting to be King since ‘52, but Mummy (Queen Elizabeth II, 89 yrs old) won’t die.

  3. Old School monarch

  4. Ballsy - he made his mistress the Duchess of Cornbread or something.

  5. His kids don’t really like him (Especially true after you watch the play)

So clearly no one is excited for Prince Charles to be the next King, both in real life and the play. For that reason exactly the events of this production felt pretty damn real.

Charles' flaw in the end was refusing to conform to what his family thought was more popular. Jessica's relationship with Harry is a perfect example. She shows Harry what provincial life is like (which includes a lot of drunken AM trips to burger kind) and he goes as far as to confront his father in leaving behind his extravagant life. Me and Maury kind of called bullshit - 'cause  who would give up such a comfortable lifestyle?

He confesses to Jessica that he'd rather be with the popular crowd, that being Kate and Will as King and Queen. So the small amount of hope I had for Harry being the selfless character in this story died. Charles is once again left and used, after having blessed Harry (the guy who wants to spend taxpayer money on booze) to go about having a normal life.

Maury - the encyclopedia I mentioned early - LOVES Kate Middleton. As in she has a full Pinterest board dedicated to the Duchess. So her opinion of this Kate would ultimately affect my own. Fortunately (for me), she hated her just as much as I did. She didn’t appreciate a lot of things Kate said and did in the play, but seemed most affected by the lack of wardrobe changes, claiming that Kate wouldn’t wear such a “peasant outfit” more than once. I’m guessing Katie Waity is still an issue, except now she’s waiting on a change of clothes instead of a ring. My biggest issue with Kate was the fact that she sounded like Siri. I cringed every single time she called William “husband” - this sounds weird because that's what he is, but we're not in the Elizabethan era anymore so just call him Will. Granted, all the main characters at some point had some kind of Shakespearean fit, but Kate was the only one who sounded like the freaking Terminator for the entire duration of the play.

The fact that we both hated Kate was no surprise since everything that goes down in this play is Kate's fault. She ultimately convinces Will into thinking that he is better suited to be King and goes as far as manipulating staff and global ambassadors to show support for Prince Charles abnegation. Can we say Lady Macbeth in the building?


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