POST: 'Hir' - finally home and nothing is the same

What's it about?

Hir is three stories in one it's about a war vet, Isaac, who's coming home, a transgender named Max who was finding his way through the world, along with his mother Paige, who was trying to figure and finally living in a household that wasn't male-dominated anymore by her husband Arnold.

What'd I experience?

Isaac's story of coming home from war was sad. He was finally home from war and no one was there to pick him up. When he arrives home he discovers a messy house, his father is in a dress with makeup and a clown wig, his mother is acting all demanding and he finds his little tom boy sister transitioning to a male, taking hormones. It was even overwhelming for me to take in and I was just in the audience. Imagine coming home from war or from just being away and everything you were accustomed to wasn't there anymore! Your bed was not your bed anymore; your dad wasn't the same; your mother was controlling and acting like a totally different person; and your little sister was no longer your little sister but your brother. How would you feel, when all you want is to finally come home and nothing was the same anymore? (Sorry for sounding like Drake.) 

During the play, Isaac was taking in all the new circumstances which causing him to throw up occasionally. The saddest part was when Isaac said, "I thought I was going to come home to a banner, balloons and instead I come home to this." I felt so bad for him and then his mom wants to throw it in his face that he was dishonorably discharge from the army because he snorted some meth through his butthole. That was funny! How can you snort something through your butthole?😳 My question was answered quickly with the mom stating that a female solider helped with the process. Either way, even if he was dishonorably discharged, I personally believe he still had a right to come home to a family with open arms.

While the play was going on, my stomach started to growl. I was moving around so no one could hear my stomach. So at this point of the play, I lost focused because I was just thinking "what can I eat? Where can I go to find something to eat during intermission?" So once it hit, the intermission, I got up from my seat and ran to the nearest stand in the building, thankfully, they were selling snacks. I payed $2 for a small bag of chips! Two dollars! I know it's not a big deal but in the "hood" I would only pay 25 cents. Anyways, I ate my $2 chips and drank my tea.

Max (the brother) and Paige (the mother) went to a museum and came home to discover a clean house and the mother had a fit. She started to scream and I started to laugh - it was funny - I had to. But she was upset with Arnold, the father because he was dressed in a plaid shirt and not in the dress anymore. She was upset because the house was clean again. She was doing everything exactly the opposite of what the father has expected of her pre-stroke. She dressed him to embrarass him and due to his stoke he had to take medications. So when he had to take the medications she pour all the pills in one smoothie, which caused him to process things slow.

Basically Paige was doing these things to get revenge on her former male-dominated world, on her husband who now can't even defend himself. I personally think, that through these actions she was becoming him. As much as she advocated for becoming an independent women she was a hypocrite by mistreating her husband. Not only that, but she treated Isaac differently because he was trying to defend his father.


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