POST: 'Dinner with the Boys' It was a big zucchini

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

So, my mom and I arrive at the Acorn Theater, and miss the curtain by about 5 minutes.  😕

The guy sitting outside was very sweet and informed us that we had “very good” seats and we could take them after the intermission. He said that he was going to place us in late seating but that he had to wait to bring us in. So we stood out there for maybe another three minutes while he listened with his ear to the door. So he whispers that we can go in and places us in the back row. However, these seats were great! Intermission rolls around and my mom was like “Can we stay here, please?”  and I was all like “heck yeah! These seats are great!”

So, let me rewind a little bit.  😬

We sit down and see a kitchen as well as the outside of a house with a garden. Being that we were late, every time the main characters mentioned Leo and looked toward the garden, I was very confused. Until they finally stated outright that they were mobsters punished by one of the mob heads for not executing Leo. So, now I know Leo is a person and he was still alive.

Then they mentioned how the mob leader ate Leo’s heart and was coming back during the last supper to continue eating it. So, now I realize that Leo is dead... but, what does he have to do with the garden?

Then they stated that they used Leo’s bones to make their garden flourish. So, that was interesting piecing together the story. When I think of mobsters I usually think guys in suits, with their accents being all tough and smoking cigars. Not these two. They were older men.... and adorable!

One was the chef and he cooked a mean meal, or so every character in the play said. The other was Leo’s ex-partner and they did the hard stuff, the killing. These two loved Leo so much that even his killing was sweet. One time they said “Leo was so sweet. He was supposed to kill a priest by throwing him in the alligator pit in the zoo. But Leo, the sweetheart that he was, slit his throat before he threw him in. Classic Leo!” That had me cracking up.

The character who brought the whole play to another hilarious level was Big Anthony Jr. I can’t begin to describe him in a way that would do him justice. But his entrance.... his silhouette, a dark sound track, and a red light behind him. He was so hyper and yelled so much but it was hilarious. I'm pretty certain that my mom was laughing the loudest at everything he did. I actually think the actor was building off of her laughter and was even crazier because she laughed so hard. My mother and I loved the sexual innuendo jokes. One was about a zucchini that smelled great.

It was a big zucchini. 😂 

I really enjoyed dinner with the boys. If a play can make my mom laugh that hard, I am game to watch it again. 


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