POST: FringeNYC's 'Love in the Middle Ages' - it's never too late


I was anxious to be back in the theater, to see a play.  As I awaited the day, I can remember telling myself “I need to make it before 7 o’clock." On the train to the city my eyes were on the clock every two second, I couldn’t wait to take my seat. Finally, when I got to my destination... there was this long line. As I stood in the line, there was a guy that went around scanning the tickets. There was an older lady that joined the line, she asked me if I knew how big the space was and if any tickets were available, my reply, "I am not sure." From her asking those question my mind went at ease thinking this was theater like I’ve always seen it - a stage, spacious room and the audience seated in rows.  

After standing for about 10 minutes it was time to go in and, oh my God!, my face lit up with excitement. As I entered, this woman asked for my first name and she wrote it on what turned out to be a name tag. Each audience member received one. Because I was super excited I didn’t think anything of it but as I made my way into the theater and I was surprised. I thought for sure I was in the wrong place, so I turned around to walk back out, but I heard someone ask if this was the theater to see Love in the Middle Ages and the reply, “Yes, just sit anywhere.” I immediately turned back around and majority of the seats were already gone and I was early.  After spinning around for a couple of seconds I found a seat next to an old couple, around a small table. 

The whole theater was the stage, I thought for sure it was a social gathering with a bar and live music. For a short while, I felt out of place but once the play started with Richard, the host of the singles mingle, I felt complacent. Richard was my highlighted character, because for some reason he reminded me of my father, as he spoke about the iPhone and how it’s an expense yet it something he can’t use. Richard was a comedian and his persona was so in line with lots of things my daddy does. And another weird thing is my father’s name is Richard, so I found him VERY real and relatable. As he spoke about relationships and what he wants and his past experiences, I could only imagine my father being so vulnerable to pour out as much as Richard did in his couple of monologues. 

Each character had something special about them that made me think about who I find myself acting like now or who I would act like in the future. And I have settled with Jane, she has the first letter of my name. Beside that, her wants are simple, she works hard but forgets to play. Similarly, I go to school and work in retail. In addition, my expectations in a relationship are to be with someone who listens, cares and can have fun; overall, I want someone who can balance me out. Her character was this HR woman who worked hard, had a good life in term of material gains however lacked a social life and that special person to share life with. I want to have fun, be young and adventurous - fill in what Jane lacked. I want to be able to be happy when I do get to 50 or 60, not be wondering where life went. I want to be as excited as the character Sandy however less wild. I want be open to the idea that it’s never too late to fall in love.

- Jadae