POST: 'Spring Awakening' love and death

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

What's the show about? 

Set in  late 1800's Germany, Spring Awakening is about three teenagers: A girl named Wendla, the atheist Melchior, and Melchior's best friend, Moritz. Each teenager goes through different experience, but they all question their sexuality and if what they are feeling is okay. A tragic love story, Spring Awakening is about how the young generation will not succumb to the ideology of the older generation! 

What did I see?

When I heard about Spring Awakening, I expected the typical Romeo and Juliet's love story. Although my assumption was somewhat correct, it was more of a love story between two teenagers, only one is deaf. The show included: 

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A.S.L. (American Sign Language)

What made the show so special was the use of ASL. When Wendla used sign language to communicate, there was another actress on stage with her, only she was behind her. She was the voice of Wendla. The show was not only accessible for those who could see and hear, but also for those who can't hear - Just like Wendla. 

The show was also about: 


The love story of Wendla and Melchior was one of youthful innocence. Since this story was set in 1800's Germany, both Wendla and Melchior did not understand the concept of child birth. When they had sex on stage, I covered my eyes because I was not used to such explicit actions. When the scene was over, I opened my eyes. The elderly couple next to me had their mouths wide open. The woman then turned to me and said: "Didn't you like that?!" I do love a good love story, but I definitely don't like watching people make love! :) 

Finally, the story was also about: 


I am not a crier. I have never been a crier. However, when Moritz died, I had a hard time controlling my emotions. It was so painful watching his funeral on stage and how his dad collapsed from grief. A teenager should never be pushed to that limit and it is terrible that the parent now has to live with that decision. There were also more deaths on stage, but they didn't touch me the way Moritz's death did. 

Spring Awakening was more about a sexual and religious awakening. Although I didn't agree with the religious awakening, I understood the dislike toward organized religions. These kids rebelled against the so-called "religious" people. They were forced to believe a certain way or else they would go to hell. Instead of talking about good deeds, they were taught the punishments. It finally made sense to me why some people just turn away. I did not only leave with this understanding, but I also left with the desire to go back and watch the show again.


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