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Photo by Russ Rowland

Photo by Russ Rowland

What's it about?

Sex of the Baby is about an interracial gay couple, Michael and Daniel, trying to find a surrogate mother. Things get a bit tangled when Daniel impregnates the surrogate but Michael was the donor. Things get even more crazy when that surrogate's boyfriend decides he’s in love with Daniel. It's a progressive dark comedy that juggles the gravity of commitment with being able to find your role in the world, the layers of sexual orientation, race politics and debates about the ethics of threesomes.

What was my experience?

I have so many things to say about this show.

This is the first show I've ever been to alone.
I don't know why, but it made me really nervous. 
When I first got to the intersection of where the theatre was supposed to be,
I couldn't figure out where it was.

I started freaking out.  

That went on for about ten minutes, and when I finally did find the door to the theatre, I couldn't figure out how to open it. Someone standing across the street came over and told me he saw other people pressing a button to get in. Great, I looked like a nervous wreck too. 

There also happened to be two shows running at the Access Theatre, and I walked into the wrong one first. 

Sooooo.... when I finally got to the right show, it was a seat-yourself kind of situation. 
I started scanning for where to go. After much deliberation and awkwardly walking in front of people, I found a seat a few rows up. 

The first thing I did was look around to see if anyone else had come alone.

Nope. Only me. 

The stage was an apartment. It looked so cozy and detailed.


It looked like we were looking into someone's apartment.

Okay. So also--I judged that the show would be about the sex of the baby. The gender of a child a couple is having.  So, when a gay guy was talking to a woman about being a surrogate mother for him and his boyfriend--I was startled. 

There was such witty shade thrown around in this show. 
I laughed my butt off. 
I reevaluated some aspects of my life.
I forgot that I was alone.

In the show there were a lot of awkward silences. For some reason those felt so natural to me. It was the first time I felt like I was watching something real--like it could happen to me. Except there is no way it could. I am in college and not trying to adopt a child right now.

The banter that was done between characters reminded me of my own friend group. We always throw insults at each other and try to top the others' wit. It felt like home. 
(Well--before the fighting turned into door slamming fights).

One of the parts I connected with the most was when Michael and Daniel had a fight when their friends left the apartment. It was over something so silly. They yelled at each other the whole time, but the fight ended with them cuddling on the couch. I feel like that's love. Or a type of love that I'm used to. I fight with my family all the time-- but it never means that the fight is the end all conversation. Loving someone doesn't necessarily mean you always like them.

Also. Usually, for me, school work can be pretty tough. I watch sit-coms to ease the tension for myself. I can't handle serious tv shows sometimes. This show reminded me of the nights I wind down by laying in bed and watching 30 Rock or Brooklyn99.

One of the things that upset me is that they didn't give tickets or the traditional playbill.
Which was kind of sad because I keep those as mementos.

No need to fear though, they gave out something a bit more useful:


$15 Student Tickets

Sex of the Baby
Access Theatre
thru Sept. 27


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