POST: FringeNYC's '#LoveStory' - love in the 21st century

“Is it my attitude?” All the actors sang in harmony. That’s when I realized “OMG!!! 😱 I was asking myself that question freshmen year of high school.” This musical was so relate-able, I mean how could it not be? It was about love in the 21st Century. 💁

Zoe reminded me of when I thought I was never going to find love. Just like Zoe’s relationships, my relationships just went down the drain. My mentality was, "Love? What is love? 😴 Never heard of such thing.” The 2 guys I thought I had a chance with just walked out my life as quickly as they entered. The way Cal left Zoe, saying bye as if it didn’t mean anything to him. A part of me actually wished that they would have ended up together. Why the heck did he just say goodbye and leave it at that? 😤 Why would he let go of someone who was so willing to love him despite his flaws? 😢 I felt so many different emotions as I watched a potential relationship go down the drain.

In this generation now no one takes love serious. 😒 Someone is throwing away love while another continues their search in finding the one. My stomach turns when I see married couples getting divorced over the smallest things. As if at the altar they did not tell each other through thick and thin. I was annoyed with Katie throughout the play, why did she walk away from someone who was willing to settle with her? Tim loved Katie enough to make a fool out of himself. How dare she tell him no, then want him back after shattering his heart! 😤 TISK! TISK!

Zoe was the character I connected to the most, she finds love when she least expects it with the person least expected. I love that about love. 😍💖 True love comes and finds you. It’s so beautiful.

I was a bit shocked and ashamed when this man playing a Tran-sexual, walked across the stage in high heels as if it was NOTHING.😳 I can’t even walk that perfectly and confidently in pumps and I wear them every weekend, like what? Put every girl to shame. “Yes! Strut it! Fabulous!” That’s what I wanted to scream across the room.

There was this one annoying thing about my experience, there were two individuals with the most annoying laughs. And to top it off, they would laugh at the most unnecessary moments - it was killing the vibe. This show was definitely worth the boring train ride, where I had a little girl stare at me as I sang along to the song playing through my earphones.😎 I smiled hoping she would smile back and make me feel less awkward, but yeah that didn’t happen.

During the wait to enter the theater I noticed that I was the only Hispanic there. I was the odd ball out AND if matters couldn’t have gotten any worse I was the only one there who went alone. As everyone conversed with each other and I stood standing on my own I didn’t realize that I was standing right beside the AMAZING cast. 😱😱😱 I didn’t recognize that it was the cast until I looked down and saw that on one of the male actors briefcase 💼 was a sticker that said, “#LoveStory Cast” I forgot his name, but it was written there.

I encountered the funniest site as I walked in. On the counter across the bar was a clear jar. Ask me what was in the jar, go ahead ask me! A bunch of condoms.😂😂 Of course the first thing I did was laugh, but since I was by myself I just looked like a crazy women. After I gathered myself that’s when it hit me. Why is there a jar of condoms ?! 😅😳 

- Angelisse