POST: 'It Shoulda Been You' In this audience I felt like a true New Yorker

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Sitting in this audience made me feel like a true New Yorker I must say.  The Klezmer music, the jazzy blues, the references to Sondheim, they made me feel like I was in the know.  

So, the fourth wall is broken often starting early on in the show with Marty (the surprise groom, it's complicated) being planted in the audience singing from the balcony.  Let me tell you, the chutzpah on that one.  Or so it seemed as he meddled and mingled with the larger-than-life characters: like the shicker Aunt Sheila and the forgetful schmuck Uncle Mordy.  

Speaking of meddling, the Queen of yentas, mother-of-the-bride Judy was the older Jewish female version of me. I mean oi vei, people say I have no filter, but compared to Judy that's absolute facacta.  For someone who loves to kibitz, I love how this meshuginah completely missed the fact that her daughter was lezzy... can you say plot twist?  

Also, I liked that only the audience really knew what was going on at all times, well, along with the staff who schlepped the chairs around and the flamboyant wedding planner. I felt like I had some juicy gossip... I spread some seeds and I was just waiting to see how things would grow.  

All that said, the noteworthy thing to mention about the play is that I came in expecting to see a story about a wedding, so you can imagine the shock when I discovered it was about a wedding, divorce, double gay wedding, and another wedding... talk about happy endings.

Even with all that, this play left me wondering (because it's a constant thing): should we ever compromise our love for fear of what our families think?  What can be the possible effects of living life as a lie?


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It Shoulda Been You
Brooks Atkinson Theatre

Yiddish Lexicon: 
hutzpah: Gall
Facacta: Lousy; Ridiculous
Kibitz: To meddle
Meshuginah: Crazy Person
Oi Vei: Oh my
Schlep: To carry or drag
Schmuck: Obnoxious fool
Shicker: Drunkard
Yenta: An old gossip
My Favorite Song "Nice"

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