POST: 'Dancing on Eggshells' The child of an abusive relationship.

Dancing on eggshells is a show about being the child of an abusive relationship. 

It first started out with just the child on stage, she explains how her parents got together.

Then she slowly goes through her childhood and shows how her parents love turns into something ugly.

She shows how she was always in the middle of it.

Watching it, I couldn't help but relate. 

The mother was extremely religious.

She reminded me of my own mother. 

In the show the mother, Faith, used God as an explanation of everything--to some degree even her abuse.

I completely understood the child's (Grace) annoyance. 

There are so many times when I feel like someone older in my family says or does something 'wrong' but my mother always says I need to watch my tongue because they're 'older'.

That, if I respect my elders, God will reward me in the end.

It always seemed to stupid to me: to not point out what I think is wrong because it's disrespectful.

The world doesn't move forward that way. 

There were so many times in the play where Grace would point out something wrong her father does to her mother, and Faith would tell her to hush.

To not concern herself. 


The reason Faith stays with her abusive husband for so long, other than the fact that she loves him, is because he provides financial stability for her and Grace. 

This is something I see  a lot in desi culture. Women tend to be stay-at-home wives who wait on their husbands. 

Their husband is allowed to say, feel, do whatever he wants because he is the man of the house. 

In some sense, this dynamic exists between my parents as well.

Although my father never crosses any lines with my mother, verbally and especially not physically, sometimes I wonder how she would react if he did. 

Would she behave the way Faith did? Taking it? 

There was a terrible pit in my stomach as I pondered this watching the show. 



At the end of the show there was a plot twist. 

I love plot twists. I love being able to pick up on the little pieces and putting it together before the big reveal.


****************SPOILER ALERT****************


The plot twist is that the mother is dead. The reason why Grace's past has traumatized her so much is because the abuse ended with her accidentally killing her own mother. 

When my friend and I walked out of there, she wasn't in love with it.

I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I pointed out how, because the father is speaking to a ghost of the mother in the present, we can't be sure if anything that ghost says is even real. It may be just a projection of what the father wants to believe about Faith.

Speaking to her ghost may be a coping mechanism for all the horrible things he'd done to her.

Suddenly, for my friend, it all clicked together the way it did for me.

After realizing that she liked the play a lot more. 


***************END SPOILER ALERT****************


But that made me realize something. Everyone's experience is different.

I forgot that people don't all pick up on the same things

Or interpret a piece the same way. 

Everyone has a different perspective, and that only adds to the beauty of art.

Because of my friend's different perspective, we were able to sit down and fit pieces of the play together to get a better whole picture.

I found out that there were little things we both missed out on.

This play really made me think. 

It sort of reminded me of Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities" in the sense that, it was a good play to watch without thinking too much, but when you start thinking about it you find all these interwoven metaphors and symbols that make you like it even more. 


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