POST: 'Permission' Wear the pants, like a man should


I sat down in my seat and waited for what I presumed was going to be a serious show about how Christian values and practices affect marital relationships. I feel like the world is now urged to be more tolerant of other people’s life choices, which means that Christianity and almost all religions are under a bit more scrutiny. I wanted to see this show because I thought that it would exhibit a situation pertinent to the topic of the nation’s changing stance on religion in our country.

Two couples are introduced, both couples are shown to be very religious. One of the couples hosts the other for dinner at their house. Zach, one of the hosts, demands that his wife, Michelle, meet him in the kitchen after an awkward and heated discussion with the other couple at the house. The other couple, Eric and Cynthia, notice that Zach and Michelle have been gone for awhile when they hear noises coming from the kitchen.

A curtain is drawn aside showing the the kitchen where Zach is spanking Michelle. She is leaned over his lap as her butt faces the audience and Zach just goes to town spanking her. At this point I could feel that the audience had the exact same response to the raunchiness that I had…

By spanking Michelle, Zach was exercising his right of being a man under the guidelines of Christian Domestic Discipline(CDD), a practice that Eric later adopts with his wife because Eric wants to take charge in the relationship, and wear the pants.... like a man rightfully should.

Bullshit, right?

It was frustrating to see the dynamic between Eric and Cynthia now that Eric was a “real man.” I think that a healthy relationship involves balance. The pants are shared equally as both partners check each other in the hopes of creating a fully functional relationship where both people’s needs are met in a way that makes everyone happy. The show concluded with all parties realizing that balance is key and that CDD is not necessary. The idea that someone has to “wear the pants” is just a primitive way of thinking that needs to be thrown away and never picked up again. Unless you’re Cynthia, of course, who was totally into spank sessions and weird stuff like that, then just do what makes you happy.


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