POST: 'Avenue Q' Wait! I’ve wanted to see that for a long time...

Photos by Carol Rosegg

Photos by Carol Rosegg

So I went with my friend Arianna to watch Avenue Q. When I looked it up online, I saw Muppets in the picture and that rung some bells in my head. I told my friend “the play we are going to see has Muppets,” and she responded “Wait! Like Avenue Q!? I’ve wanted to see that for a long time but my mom told me I was too young years ago.” So that started our excited journey to go see Avenue Q.

We got out of the train late, per usual. Once we got our tickets, the woman talked into a mic on her shoulder. We ran down the stairs laughing and someone greeted us to tell us where we were going and where the theater was. She motioned for us to walk and then she talked into a mic on her shoulder too. Then, a young guy met us and gave us some insight on the play while he walked us to the theater. He walked us in and the woman said “you can sit here until the second song then I will bring you to your seats.” But of course we chose to stay right where we were, it is nice being in the back of a small theatre.

So I have to say watching Muppets with people obviously suspending them in the air was hard to get used to. I found myself looking at the people more than the Muppets and Arianna said the same. The first half of the play I was laughing because of how racist and sexually fueled Muppets could be! There was actually a song called “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist” and a whole song about how the internet is used only for porn. I laughed hard at both songs because there was truth to both of them. Also, I did not expect a play with Muppets to be so dirty! They had a scene with the two main Muppets getting it on. My friend got uncomfortable during that scene, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable - I was just surprised.

Once the intermission finished, my mood kind of changed.
It wasn’t even the intermission, it was the mood of the play after the intermission. The whole point of the play was for one Muppet to find his purpose in life... I found myself thinking about my purpose. I started thinking about alternative degrees as a back up to my current one falling through. The best I could come up with was an English degree with a Chemistry Minor.

Once I felt like maybe I had made some sort of good decision, a Muppet comes in at the end with a degree in English, of course. What did the Muppet say? He said something along the lines of: what can anyone even do with an English degree! So that killed my whole decision of settlement.


This was perhaps the first play I have seen to actually make me take a step back and think of what my purpose is in life. It almost made me feel inadequate because getting a degree or education doesn’t fulfill a purpose in life. Sometimes we all just spend time working hard to get what we think we should rather than completing what we want to work hard for. It almost sounds weird that the thing I got the most out of a play about Muppets was perspective on my life and my future. But it was. 


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