POST: 'A Queen for a Day' Blood would be my favorite part

So, we get to the theatre which I notice is in a cathedral. The box office guy was very sweet and informed us of where the bathroom and theatre were. My mom and I were so hot due to our walk across town.

We climbed up some stairs and found our row (ROW B!). We had to ask some older ladies to squeeze past them. With loud huffs and the rolling of eyes they got up and allowed us to move past them. When we sat down I read the Stagelight booklet and realized that there was no intermission. 

The play started with the main character, Nino, screaming at his attorney. Then he lit an actual cigarette and actually smoked it. People in the audience were audibly and visually unhappy. My mom whispered “my hair is going to smell” and I was just thinking “come on lady just breathe less.” Once the theatre filled with the smell of cigarettes he put it out. I was sitting there trying to get into the story but I wasn’t as pulled in as I should have been. I found myself getting offended at how rude Nino was. Looking back now I understand why he was so intense and so quick to snap. He had inner pain, hidden and it must have been tearing him apart. I’ll expand on that later... back to the play.

It's the part of the play where crap really hits the fan. So in it someone, I won’t say who, is exposed to not be who they claim they are. Everyone reaches for a gun, there is a bang and the lights go dark. Then people come on stage set things up and leave (I could see them in the dark). Then the lights turn back on and Vincent Pastore from The Sopranos is on stage and one of the previous characters is gone. There is now a body bag on the floor and a blood pool finding its way along the length of the stage. One of the characters says “ I don’t want this body found” and this guy throws a heavy body bag over his shoulder and walks out. That was one of my favorite parts!! It was so realistic.

We then discover that Nino is not who we thought he was at all! The reveal of who he was left me shocked. Nino begins crying and screaming and sobbing trying to make his brother (played by Pastore) understand his point of view. At this point I am screaming in my head “he is your brother! Let it go! Forgive Nino.” The third character is pushing Pastore to kill his own brother for the deed he has done. It was heart wrenching. I won’t give anything else away but there is blood on walls and blood on bodies. I loved the ending. I sat there almost numb after watching it! It was that good.

When the actors came on stage to bow I was waiting for more of the play but sadly it was done. My mom looked at me with tears in her eyes and her face flushed “its so sad” she says to me while crying. I sat there shocked that she cried, when she got up to give a standing O, I couldn’t even get up in time. So I just sat there adamantly clapping. My mom got a kiss thrown to her by Pastore and that made her happy. We left the play and discussed it while walking through Times Square. I told her that I didn’t not like it but the best part for me were the effects. I guess as an aspiring CSI, blood would be my favorite part. She kept saying how sad it was.


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A Queen for a Day
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