POST: 'Toast' this play was all about unity...

John Earl Jelks, Jonathan Peck, F. Hill Harper, and Armando Riesco. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

John Earl Jelks, Jonathan Peck, F. Hill Harper, and Armando Riesco. Photo by Carol Rosegg.

For this piece we'll be speaking as the collective "we" because this play was all about unity, and the bond we felt to the actors and to each other while in the audience was extremely fervent.  For starters, the space at the Public Theater is very interesting so the actors are physically very close, since the "stage" is the room in which the audience is seated, level with the first row.  This arrangement made it possible for us to be within arms reach of the incredibly talented Mr. Hill Harper who authored our favorite book (which he signed for us after): Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny.  For this reason alone, we were overwhelmed by excitement, and the show was placed on a pedestal from a start.  It did not disappoint.  Toast made us embrace an idea which we never thought we could, empathy and compassion for convicts.  The urban poetry utilized classic prose, to appeal to the English lover in us, but to the rebel as well.  We cried to think that in the 70's men of color were treated unfairly, and today still men of color are unjustly convicted.  The actors showed us though, it's not where you are, it's where you're going.  Through time, as young Black men we often heard this preached, to motivate, to inspire.  Black people as a people are taught, to adapt to their situation, and then to overcome their struggle, and this play embodied that to the fullest with the slogan, "everyday, everyday, every solitary day". Every single day, we will fight, we will strive for better.  We will manifest our destinies. We leave you with this, what crime is the revolutionary guilty of, other than the thirst for love and the hunger for change?

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