POST: 'Ghosts' I guess I took the title too literally

Jack Lowden and Lesley Manville in  Ghosts . Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Jack Lowden and Lesley Manville in Ghosts. Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Here are a few things to know about Ghosts

1) I was expecting a show about ghosts because of the title. 

I was wondering whether the ghost would be like Casper, a friendly ghost, or some ghost seeking revenge, like in the movie Unfriended. Just letting you know in advance... There were no actors playing ghosts in the play. I guess I took the title too literally.

2) It gets freakishly weird.

Oswald falls in love with Regina, without knowing that she is his half-sister. Both are devastated when the truth comes out.

3) Bring a box of tissues.

I know, I said it gets weird. But it also gets... emotional. Oswald faces a life of syphilis. He asks his mother to help him kill himself. Yeah. A lot.

4) The play doesn't move around much setting wise.

It only takes place in the house of the Alvings.

5) The end remains unclear!

Mrs. Alvings only reaches for the morphine to kill her son by overdosing him. However, we will never know whether she goes through with it.

6) Fun fact: The play was considered to be outrageous when it first came out in the 1800s.

The mere mention of syphilis was improper. 

7) The play is not scientifically correct.

The playwright in the 1800's believed that syphilis was a genetic disease, inherited from father to son.


Indeed, Sheldon from Big Bang Theory would be very disappointed at this misconception of science.

8) The moral of the story is to not let society interfere with your life.

Or that is what I got from it. Mrs. Alvings spent her entire life trying to keep up the appearance of her family as her husband was drinking and having affairs.

9) The play twists the word 'ghosts' around.

It claims that actual ghosts are not former people but the events that haunt us from the past.

10) Lastly, enjoy the show...


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