POST: Small Mouth Sounds. You will never be alone.

Things I wish I was told before the show:

1. You will see a penis for the first time.
2. There are no assigned seats so you will probably end up in a bad angled corner-- get there early.
3. The show starts off slow but believe me, it speeds up.
4. The show is mostly in silence.
5. The mysterious voice is a person and not just a recording, not important, but nice to know. 

Ohmygosh. This show. 

When I first came into the theatre, I was confused about where the stage was supposed to be.

It was a long room with a very nice wooden floor.  When you walk in, 6 seats were in the spot light right in front, and the others were across the length of the room.

Here was my confusion: The space for the 6 seats wasn't big enough for a stage. So would they be using the whole floor?

Answer: Yes.

Next question: So why is the seating so...long? It would be hard to see everything from every seat. Would I be able to see everything


Answer: Ha. Ha. Ha. You won't. But it's the charm of the play. Sometimes, three scenes go on at once and you have to see what you can. 

The play had a very slow start, I was yawning and trying to keep awake. 

I was also sitting at the worst angle, there was no time in the show I could see everything that was going on. I missed about 75% of the actors expressions (mind you, it was a mostly silent play).






Despite all that,  it was really great.

Simon Cowell describes my reaction PERFECTLY.


It started to pick up about 30 minutes in.  It turns out to a be a play about a silent retreat. All the people who come on this retreat are there because they have personal issues they want to overcome—or at the very least come to terms with. 

Warning... here come the spoilers.

One of the most shocking things
was that my first impression
of every character
turned out to be completely wrong...


The guy I thought was a happy-go-lucky kind of guy turns out to be someone who broke his skull in 8 places, his wife slept with his little brother, house burned down, lost his job and other things I cant remember.

The woman I thought had cancer, does not, her partner does, and she’s upset all the time because she doesn't want to deal with it.

The old man who I thought was weird and perky turns out to be a grandpa (or father?) whose three year old kid died. Not sure about the details on this one—I couldn’t see everything exactly. And it turns out he doesn’t even speak english.

The girl I thought who had it the worst, her cat has leukemia.

The guy I thought was yoga master looking for tranquility and had his life figured out turns out to a jackass who’s married and has sex with leukemia-cat girl, who poor broken-skull guy actually likes. 

The whole show was a series of surprises.

And they managed to convey all of this with mostly silence.

It was incredible. 

At the end of the play nothing was resolved. There was no magic answer to inner-peace. 
 I feel like part of me needed to hear that.

I'm 19 and in my first year of college; just barely stepping into the adult world.
Sometimes there is no "it'll get better." 

Sometimes your cat having leukemia will make you just as sad as a broken skull.

There are so many things that happen everyday that can make you sad, and sometimes there is no solution.
The point, or the point that I took--the point I needed--was that despite your struggle,  
You will never be alone.


$35 tickets

Small Mouth Sounds
Ars Nova
thru April 25