POST: R & J & Z. "This looks like it's gonna be really cool"

Photo by Hunter Canning

Photo by Hunter Canning

Let`s get this straight before I say a word, I am not big on Shakespeare. It just doesn't click with me and I cannot relate to it at all. However, there is something special in his works.

       It just made sense to have this hear. 

       It just made sense to have this hear. 

I was on google and I was searching for new shows to watch, but I couldn't find a thing. After seeing a few plays you want to find something completely different from what you are used to. This made me think of Shakespeare, I have never seen anything that has to do with him. That is because I do not enjoy reading him. So, to be funny, I googled weird shakespeare plays. I clicked 5 times and arrived at R & J & Z.

My exact words were "This looks like it's gonna be really cool". I watched the video on the website and was drawn in even more.

Shows begins at Act 5

So, Romeo was like I miss Juliet and I haven't seen or heard from her in a while. Did I mention he was speaking to his messenger...??? like I said, I'm really bad at Shakespeare, don`t you dare quote me.

He starts yelling at his messenger for not delivering a letter to Juliet, and the messenger is like "I'm really sorry."

Romeo is still aggravated .....

He is just losing it at this point.

Then... blah, blah, blah....

Jump to after the scene where Romeo and Juliet killed themselves. 

Both of their families come into their tomb and agree to peace.

Then, Juliet comes back to life and rips off a piece of her mother's flesh. This is not as realistic as it sounds, but it looked pretty convincing. Before you know it, everyone is being bitten and turning into zombies. Then out of nowhere, the tomb guardians are also sworn to a group that will fight the zombies if ever such things occur. 

Then everyone was KUNG-FU FIGHTING:

Before you know it everyone and their mother is a zombie.

But Romeo and Juliet are the only zombies with the ability to speak and think. This is because the poison that Romeo bought from the Apothecary was actually an immortal poison (or something like that). 

At the end of the show, everyone was... wait, go watch it. I promise you will enjoy.


$18 Tickets

R & J & Z
New Ohio Theatre
thru April 18