POST: The Events. Art and violence and positive change.

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Before the show, Matt (my friend) and I, were talking about art and violence as two forces that create change. In particular, we were talking religion. You might be wondering why we talk about such serious topics and that is because Matt is one of few people who I can openly talk with about my opinions and he will not judge me. So before the show, I was feeling philosophical and ready to explore The Events.

Funny thing about The Events is that it focused on these two topics: art and violence. I'll be frank with you: I was confused during the show, but after talking with Matt, I came to the realization that I went through the same experience and questioning as the protagonist. Matt showed me that this plot was more thematically driven and as I remembered all the spilled tea, the deep talks and the struggle of the protagonist, I understood I went through the same conflicting feelings that the protagonist did.

Diversity. The protagonist like myself  is for diversity! We need diversity because it makes us more open to different cultures. 

However, the antagonist, who contradicts everything she said, made me question my beliefs. He claimed that we are inherently racist. We want to stay within our own culture and our own people, and we like other cultures because they are exotic to us. While, I wholeheartedly disagree with the last statement, it is true that I want to live with my own people. I felt uncomfortable at that moment because I realized that this was true. We stay with our people because it is easier to be with your people sometimes. 

Aside from these serious questions, I was moved by the ending remark: Art is the only positive force to create change. Nothing bothers me more than the statement that violence is needed to create positive change. There is nothing positive about the death of many civilians and this show attacked that belief.

The happiest parts of the show would be when the protagonist sang with the chorus. I must also mention that the CHORUS was my favorite part of the show. For every show, there is a new chorus and the chorus for my show was a group of seniors, who were absolutely adorable. They went on stage with the biggest nervous smiles and I, of course, smiled in return because their nervousness made me support them even more. While the show was very serious, the chorus added some comedic relief. When they had to roll on the floor as a way of relaxation, I laughed so hard because they looked as confused as I did!

Serious and dark shows leave me with very dark thoughts, but this show left me hopeful. We can accept each other through the means of art. Art is one of the most powerful tool we have and it is up to us to use it to the fullest. The Events will lead to more events, or in my case, positive events.