POST: Let The Right One In. I wanted time to slow down...

Photo by Elliot Franks

Photo by Elliot Franks

Nowadays, it's hard to keep anyone's attention.
I know my attention span is way too short and probably the only thing that can keep me focused for longer than five minutes is my phone. Sitting in one place for a long amount of time sounds like an impossible task. It's the reason why I don't go to the movies anymore.

A couple of days ago after Sherri just got off a 3-hour flight from Miami she ran to St. Ann’s Warehouse to meet me so we could see Let the Right One In. We walked around getting the feel of the really dope venue. When we finally sat down Sherri asked me the infamous question, “so what's this one about?”. I responded doubtfully “I think vampires.”  And she gave me a  “this better not be a long one” look as the lights dimmed and a woman's voice goes “the show is 2 hours long, please turn off all devices and enjoy!” I heard Sherri sigh loudly..  

Suddenly, people began walking across the stage from both sides, weaving in and out from between the huge thin, grey trees that were placed around the stage. Each person would tell a different story before vanishing off the stage. 

When intermission came I looked at Sherri and both our jaws were dangling to the floor, we were completely drawn in by the production. The set was slathered in a blue tint looking just as chilly as the outside world. Over an hour already went by and it seemed as if time was going too fast. For a moment, I wanted time to slow down so I could truly enjoy the beauty of the production. They incorporated lyrical dances, subtle acrobats, and very modern instrumentals to tell the love story between a vampire and a young boy. It was based off a Swedish novel and film. 

Everything moved so fluidly that I felt more like a fragment of the story then just a member of the audience. The actors were always in sync with the sounds and with every rhythmic pulse. For me, the dancing added such elegance. At one point, the young boy was practicing using his knife against one of the trees. His practicing became a dance that other dancers started to join and in the end they just disappeared beyond the trees. 

After leaving the warehouse, I realized that these are the golden theatre memories I live for. The ability to escape into a story for a couple of hours is completely worth putting my phone down. Sherri couldn't stop talking about the lightning and special effects. There were many gory scenes full of blood that looked very realistic.  During the weekend, I watched the movie and even through it was a really good film, i enjoyed the theatre version much better. This is the reason theatre will never die because it has the power to wholeheartedly consume you and help you escape from the 21st century for a little awhile. 


Let the Right One In
St. Ann's Warehouse
thru March 8