POST: The Nether. The dark side of the Internet.

Photo by Jenny Anderson

Photo by Jenny Anderson

I believe that every play has something to offer. There is not a single show that can disappoint, this way. 

The Nether is about the dark side of Internet, in the future.

Honestly, this play made me feel very uncomfortable and disturbed. It was about a man hosting a brothel with underage girls but this was in a virtual world (I mean that's the way I understood it). So in a way it wasn't illegal, but it was a way for a person to explore that kind of fantasy. I didn't completely appreciated the message of the play. I believe if I were to see it again I would appreciate it more. Also I am the type of person who does not read anything about a show before watching it and in my opinion this is a show you must know what you are getting into.

BUT... there was something about this performance I deeply enjoyed...

The Lights 

The Set

The Journey

Although the concept and content of the show may be very strange to me, the journey was incredible. The stage transformed itself from an interrogation room, to a garden, to a little girl's fantasy room and more. The lights would teleport you into the next world. This definitely eased my awkwardness with the topic.