POST: Application Pending. Everyone was her and she was everyone.

When I got my tickets from The Westside Theatre, I was excited that both my cousin and my mom were watching it with me. When we walked in to the theatre, the small room made me feel relaxed because it was so homely.

When the play started I was surprised that there was only one actress, Christina Bianco. I knew that it was supposed to be a one-woman show but I still thought that there had to be someone… anyone else but no it was all her the whole time. When she first went into a conversation with another character (aka herself) I was like “no way can I watch this for 75 minutes.” As the time went on, I got into it being a one-woman army. I thought that there were over ten characters, but the website states over forty, so... maybe my mind just couldn't keep up!!!

Basically, Christina was head of admissions and there were several people calling in to get their children admitted into Edgely Prep K-8. There was this character named Buddy and I actually wanted him to end up with the main character. He was the sweetest guy ever, his tone and everything was so respectful and adorable. (Now if you have not caught on yet, Buddy was Christina Bianco!!!!) 

Everyone was her and she was everyone and yet somehow I found myself thinking “this doctor is a jerk off” or “that nun is so mean” or “that jewish mother is too intense”. I kept trying to contain my laughter because there was only one person on stage but I felt like I might miss something. I was shy at first because I felt weird for getting into it, it was such a new experience for me. But everyone was laughing, and the room just had a happy vibe. Christina Bianco even sang like Celine Dion while on hold for the Pope, yeah it was that crazy and random. 

Once the play was over, I stood right up! My cousin enjoyed the play so much she stood up without a second thought and dropped her phone on the floor. People’s astonishment with Bianco followed us as we left. In the bathroom and even up the block, everyone had the same question on their mind “How does she do it!?” There was this woman who was singing her praises during the play to her husband. I was so excited by this play that instead of being annoyed at her talking, I was answering her questions in my head! I want to take my friends and the rest of my family to go see this play.


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Westside Theatre
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