POST: Between Riverside and Crazy. Pride often gets in the way.

Stephen McKinley Henderson & Victor Almanzar. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Stephen McKinley Henderson & Victor Almanzar. Photo by Carol Rosegg

Integrity, honor, and confidence are all great attributes for one to possess.

It means a lot for someone to stick to their guns and act based on firmly rooted feelings and beliefs. However without moderation, it is easy for those feelings and beliefs to cloud judgment and prevent one from choosing what is best. Pride often gets in the way.

I am way too familiar with people that are too prideful.

I come from a family of Puerto Rican men, some of the most prideful people on the planet. I have witnessed countless occasions when their pride will get the best of them. Problems that could've been minimized or avoided escalate into bigger issues because of their high opinions of their dignity. Anything that contrasts with their beliefs of what a real, honorable man should do becomes a personal attack. 

Watching Walter handle being the head of his household made me think about the men in my family.

Walter made decisions and handled difficult situations in the way that I think the men in my family would. It made me upset to see his stubbornness and his pride draw him away from making the best decision for him and his family. I couldn't help but think that this is the product of an old-fashioned view of who a true man of the household should be. All the pride and stubbornness comes from a man's self-imposed duty to always have the upper hand and always be right. Fortunately, in spite of his pride, Walter makes a decision at the end that benefits him and all those around him.

This gives me hope that this old-fashioned view of how a man should act will deteriorate and more decisions would be centered around humility and compassion.