POST: 'Perfect Crime' So many questions...

So I really enjoy CSI-type shows, I mean I want to be a forensic scientist for Pete’s sake, so when Perfect Crime advertised that it was similar to CSI - I was excited! My mom and I were actually crazy excited about the play.

When we opened the door on 50th street we saw several flights of stairs leading waaaaay waaayyy up, but thankfully I noticed a sign stating that there was another entrance. So we closed the door right back up and took the entrance on Broadway. Phew. When the elevator door opened up, we saw several people lounging and drinking in a studio type waiting room. It almost reminded me of casting rooms, with the overly white walls and people watching as someone new enters the room. My mom and I followed several arrows to the box office. Once we got our tickets we happily went and found our seats. We were in the second row right in the middle. How cool is that?! So we sat there and read the playbill and found out that out of 11,000+ shows the main actress (Catherine Russell who played Margaret Brent) only missed 4. I didn't understand how someone could do the same thing once a day and twice a day on weekends for over 20 years! Either way that is a crazy thing to accomplish, kudos to her!

The set was an old fashioned living room with a really cool fake bookcase. There was a table with fresh food on it which made me hungry (so... I ate chocolates throughout the play). My mom and I spent time examining a brick painting that was above the fireplace on stage. I actually thought it spun around to reveal something (spoiler: it didn't), but it was a very important aspect of the play so we felt accomplished for noticing.

Each scene was a specific day at a specific time instead of a separate time in the same day. This helped me realize that the whole play took place over the course of a week.  

Apparently I didn't read the playbill enough because I missed that there were guns used in the show. So the first shot within 2 minutes of the opening scene really freaked people out in the audience especially my mom. I was more like “my eeeaaarrrssss.” Anywho, after the first two scenes my mom leaned over and said “what the hell is going on?” I couldn’t respond because I had no idea either but I was captivated by trying to solve the mystery before anyone else.

About two scenes later the craziest of the characters and Margaret’s patient, Lionel, came on stage. He was seriously crazy to the point he freaked my mom and I out. I noticed that he was the only character that actually made eye contact with the audience, that’s probably why I thought he was so creepy. At first, I felt him being crazy was going to be important to the play but after ten minutes of his ranting and raving, I got bored. But, he did share our curiosity and fascination for the painting… meaning we may be as crazy as Lionel… DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNN. 

That was not the only scene I was really confused about. The main scene that left me so confused was when the inspector entered - he ends up interviewing, accusing, and slapping the main character and then leaves. HE JUST LEAVES! HUH? This was never mentioned again! Then to make it weirder, he and the main character sort of become interested in one another. If a cop I didn’t know came into my house accused me of murder, slapped me and then left I would never, ever kiss him, or speak to him, or say I love him. I would have actually called his commanding officer instead of just threatening to do so. Also, I would probably sue but that’s besides the point.

As I was on my way home, I pointed out to my mom ways that the story could have went with all of the facts provided from the play. In my head only two people needed to stay dead and no one went to jail. I did really enjoy the husband even though his character was not shown enough. He was funny, witty, and conniving. I want a play based off of his life and backstory. I also want to know what made him dress up like Zorro to that masquerade party (if you watch you will understand). What were his other options, what happened after that night etc etc etc. Either way, I got back and was left with so many questions


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