POST: Gazillion Bubble Show. Being a kid, want to go back?


The first thing I noticed when I walked in was



Suddenly I began to doubt whether I'd like this show at all.
I got very scared I walked into a trap.



What if this was like Ring Around the Rosie?
As a child it's one of the most fun things but as adult you look at it and go ""



This show starts. She starts making bubbles. And suddenly...



She's making bubbles IN bubbles...



She's making bubbles that bounce








Probably around a gazillion



I don't regret coming to this show at all.
I'm actually so glad I did.


new doc 8_20.jpg


Being a kid. It's something I've always wanted to go back to.
To be happy without any of reality weighing me down. 



I thought that adults could not feel the kind of happiness
they did as children.
The kind of happiness that that was so naive and so pure. 



And what's even more crazy is that she's able to take everyone around her to that place of pure joy. 

Ana grew up during the Vietnam war. She and her family had to move many times until they were able to settle down.



I can't imagine how unfair she must have thought her life was. 



But she fell in love with something so insignificant and so simple 



She was able to take something like bubbles and maybe give herself the kind of innocent happiness her childhood could have had



Happiness does not come at an age, it comes if you seek it.