POST: Brooklynite. There was a heroine instead of a hero.

Photo by Carol Rosegg

Photo by Carol Rosegg

As a Native New Yorker, it might come as a shock to you all that I have never really been to Brooklyn. I am a Queens person and legend has it that Brooklyn is a dangerous borough. Well, at least that's what my parents say. So that's why I decided to watch Brooklynite, a show about Brooklyn, right?

Brooklynite was quite the show. I lost count of how many songs were sung! I felt that each song dealt with a different part of Brooklyn and within two hours, I think I learned all Brooklyn had to offer with its awesome neighborhoods.

With this show, I was nervous that my friend would not enjoy, but she did. We agreed that (1) the R&B part was AMAZING (2) the guy was cute, but the guy on the cover of the pamphlet was really cute too.

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world and we did have one major disagreement: the plot of the story:

As a fan of action movies, I watch MANY action movies and they usually have the same plot. Different characters, but same plot, just twisted in one way or another. Brooklynite gave that same vibe, only that there was a heroine instead of a hero. There was this gender-switch that I really enjoyed because superheros are usually men. When I saw Astrolass, I was surprised that it was a she that was the hero of the story, but also surprised that she was a black female. There was so much diversity in this show, I guess that says something about Brooklyn. Brooklyn is not this black and white neighborhood; there are the Yemenis in Bay Ridge, the Polish people in Sheapshead Bay, and people of different ethnicity in other parts.

When the show ended, I felt frustrated for the nerdy scientist. The nerdy scientist never got the super powers he wanted. He worked so hard for this formula, but his hard work did not work in the way he intended. I am a strong believer that hard work will work in your favor, but that moment my belief was proved wrong. At that moment, I realized that sometimes things don't work in your favor, but it is up to you to take it gracefully.

It is safe to say, my experience was really different from my friend, Judine's. Because Judine lives in Brooklyn, she knew the neighborhoods that they were talking about, so she could relate to it! I, however, have never been to Brooklyn. Alright, I'm exaggerating: I've been to Brooklyn twice in my life, but I can't really say I know much about Brooklyn.

I tend to really enjoy serious shows, but when it comes to a lighthearted show it takes me a little longer to adjust. Brooklynite was a lighthearted show, but the importance of diversity and the female role made this show so special to me.