People at: '39 Steps'

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Photo by Jeanette Moses

Q: What made you want to come check out 39 Steps tonight?

A: (left) I saw it in Australia, that is where we are from, about seven years ago at a local tiny theater and I really liked it. I saw it was here about three weeks ago and so I dragged brother along with me.

Q: How long are you visiting New York for?

A: (left) We got here three days and will be here for about four weeks.

Q: Nice, good chunk of time. Are you planning to see other shows while you are in town?

A: (left) I’m into musical theater so I’ll be off to see a couple of those. He might not be, but I will be. 

Q: How much planning did you do to figure out what you wanted to see while you were in town?

A: (left) I didn’t, I just turned up. I’ve had a rough list. I’ve been going to the TKTS stand in Times Square, checking the app every day to see what is on and what is cheap… being a student makes it a bit hard with the money. 


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