People at: 'Spring Awakening'

Photo by Christa Tandana

Photo by Christa Tandana

A: (right) I already saw the show on Saturday and I told everybody I really loved the show because I’ve really never seen anything like this before. It was really touching to me with the sign language. It shows me that no disability can stop your dreams. And I think we should share this with everybody and be thankful for everything we have in our lives.

Q: Have you seen Spring Awakening before this revival?

A: (right) I did the show in Switzerland before, so I know the story. But, I’ve never seen it on Broadway before Saturday.

A: (left) I asked him not to tell me the story because he was so motivated that he told me, "This musical will change your life!”

Q: Why do you think theater is important?

A: (left) I think theater is important because our consummation in front of television and movies is not into humanity anymore. So, seeing the people how they really are - face to face - is more important for culture and ideas than just going to watch a movie. I think we have to go to theater as the body and everything.

Q: Is there anything different about theater here than at home?

A: (left) Totally!

A: (right) Well, in Switzerland, we don’t really have a big theater culture. We have good shows, but you have to drive like one hour or so. Here, it’s like everywhere.

A: (left) I’m living in a city where he said you have to drive for 45 minutes, but I mean our parents’ generation started to go to theater and they were like, “Oh, why didn’t I do that before?” and the actor scene is something very little in Switzerland.

A: (right) Yea, we all know each other.


Spring Awakening

Brooks Atkinson Theater

thru January 24th