POST: 'Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes' - terrifyingly relatable

What's it about?

In the play Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes five couples are introduced to the audience. Each couple wants their relationship to be perfect and can’t seem to deal with their counter parts flaws or meet the expectations that the other has for them.

What did I experience?

After a rainy weekend, it was a beautiful night in New York and an awesome night to go watch a show. The theatre was small but not too packed. I walked in and took my seat beside two women and told them, in a joking manner, “hey, if this gets too intense don’t hurt me.” I'd walked into this show expecting/hoping to learn something new about girls yet knowing that fully understanding them is out of the question. Prior to the show, I had been listening to The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, listening to Lauren speak on the struggles of women with love and how they felt when they’re in it, out of it, and abuse it. Fitting.

If I had to describe this show in two words I would say terrifyingly relatable. The actors spoke to the audience whenever they had a thought in mind (so we got to see what they were thinking as well as what they were saying).  Those thoughts were exactly what I would have had in mind for most of those situations where men would either predict their future with a girl or say what they don’t like about them.

I think that if you were to combine all the men in the show you would get the average American male. Each one held a quality of mine, such as the tendency to lack sympathy when she would need it the most, turning any situation into a joke, or exposing my true self at the most inappropriate settings which was fun to watch first hand. The women reacted to those qualities as most of my ex-girlfriends did. I saw a few of my ex-girlfriends in the female characters. Through my laughter, my heart sank to my stomach at one point when Phoenix was leaving Tim to chase after her dreams miles away from him. It was a predicament that I went through not too long ago. The character even looked and acted a lot like the girl I was dating at the time. It was weird, but also extremely entertaining to see this predicament unfold from a different perspective.

Throughout the play these five very different couples battled it out with each other. It was as if they hated each other and for some weird reason I saw that as true love. The play showed me that men and women both like to play games with each other’s feelings. The way some of the women were portrayed horrified me. They were so clingy and dramatic, that made me cringe in my seat. Women and men at times victimize themselves in order to get their way. In reality, the women and men seemed to be searching for something that's impossible to obtain - the perfect counterpart.

I found myself feeling bad for the men, saying to myself “Damn it! We do that!” often throughout the play. I came up with this theory as I was sitting in my seat, the more relatable the scenes the louder the laughs. The whole reason the show was sooooo hilarious was because the majority of what was going on in it was TRUE! As Phoenix explained the relationship between men and women using apples and oranges, she came to the conclusion that men and women can never truly get along in perfect harmony. I agree.  I think it's because we’re not supposed to get along in order to balance each other’s flaws and perfections. We can only find a significant other that comes kinda close to what we think we want.

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Women Are Crazy
Because Men Are Assholes

June Havoc Theatre
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