POST: 'Eddie'/'Broken' - I got the creeps

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What's it about?

Eddie/Broken is a two-play special. Eddie is about a boy who has distorted memories about his mother. Broken is about a woman who is literally being haunted by her demons.

What did I experience?

On the outside, I was attracted to the theater with its columns and its large doors. It definitely didn’t look like a place that would show a horror play. But... the inside, kind of gave me a chill. It had this black and white scheme to it; nearly bare white walls and a creaky floor that made hollow noises when I walked on it. The atmosphere wasn’t necessarily friendly, even though the door man and woman at the box office seemed nice.

Eddie/Broken was really two showings in one. Eddie was supposed to be about getting into the mind of a serial killer known as Ed Gein, but that monster was masked as his mother in the play instead. I wasn’t amused at first because I realized that the main character, Eddie, was a puppet being controlled by the tall (and attractive!) man behind him. But, as the play went on, I saw how dark and demented the banter got. It went from 0 to 100 real quick, in terms of colorful language. Eddie started describing his mother as a whore, and the attractive man behind him exclaimed she was... a name that I cannot repeat here. So much profanity to describe one woman - sheesh! The only thing that really made me jump was when the actor who controlled the puppet unveiled the body that Eddie’s mother was responsible for dismembering. Just like Kevin Hart, I wasn’t ready for that.

Broken was the next play, and it was about a woman who literally was being haunted by her demons. She’s a woman trapped and controlled by her demons in her own home. They drive her completely insane, and it had me on edge wondering how she was going to overcome them. What was interesting was that all the characters were dressed in white clothing. I found it comical that the men were dressed in white gowns, at one point. Ha! It took some of the tension away. Anyway, my eyes were glued to the set, especially because there was more dancing and rapid movement instead of talking. That made it all the more interesting to me because I got to experience the woman’s anguish, and I felt her pain as the play continued. So much urgency and disturbance surged through me, especially when the lights flashed rapidly on set. I got the creeps, and it's the creep that I like. 


Want to see it?

$25 tickets

Eddie & Broken
are a part of
Nightmare Horror Show
(a terrifying theatre festival)
@ The Clemente
thru Oct. 31