POST: Fuerza Bruta WAYRA. A world where just about anything can happen.

I found Fuerza Bruta to be such an unconventional show. Unconventional…yet BRILLIANT! Originally, I was a little uneasy when I found out that the audience had to stand throughout the entire performance. I stood corrected! By the end of the show, I felt that being allowed to walk around throughout the show enhanced my experience. Once the show started, I didn't understand why people had their cell phones out and were taking pictures. It's a big no-no to have your phone out in a theatre, let alone to take pictures. I asked one of the staff members running around the show and I found out you could take as many pictures and videos as you wanted. Bonus! Well, as long as you don't use flash. 

Fuerza Bruta had no clear story line but that didn't have any effect on my viewing of the show. I felt like the show brought me into a world of fantasy, where just about anything can happen. 

A world where people can run on aluminum sheets...

All of a sudden, the theatre had an aluminum curtain around it. I was in awe by the two women that were running sideways after each other on the curtain.


A world where people can float above you in water...

At first, I had no clue about why there was a plastic sheet being lowered from the ceiling and why there was water being released on to it. I was completely astonished when I saw women swimming in the water. I didn't even think that would be possible. It was just a work of pure art! I found the performance even more thrilling when the plastic "pool" was lowered to almost ground level. I could see the faces of the women and reach up to feel the plastic sheet.

There was actually a pool scene where I saw my own reflection, while there was a woman above the audience. That was absolutely breathtaking! It made me feel as I was actually part of the show. And it got me thinking was that really how my hair actually looked like from above?!


A world where you can't stop running in one place and can run through a wall...

When the wall was moving toward the man in the white suit, the last thing I expected happened. I had a number of theories of the man's reaction. Was he going to jump off the tread mill? Was he going to jump over the wall? In the end, he walked straight through it. All I could think was.. "good thing the wall wasn't concrete." 

**Warning** The gun shots in the show are a little loud. But nothing to be worried about it.

A world where people can walk above you...

This was probably one of the most interactive shows I have been to. We had to pull the plastic covering over our heads, when, all of a sudden, a huge air pump pulled the plastic covering almost to the ceiling. There was even a moment where the members of the performance reached down to touch the hands of the audience. 

And a place to party!


By the end of the show, I was left wanting more and was a little disappointed that it was over.


After the show...
was able to meet Holly Shunkey, one of the performers.


And I met some people after the show...
Eric Lu (on left) and Shah Roslan (on the right).
They saw the performance four years ago and they still loved the show.




In front of the theatre, there was a crime scene...





Okay. Okay. Just kidding. It was just a movie set.




$20 General Rush
(avail 2 hrs pre show)

Fuerza Bruta WAYRA
Daryl Roth Theatre
thru Apr. 12