POST: Winners. Winners?! Yeah, right...

Winners?! More like a show about losers.

Okay, that is a tad harsh, but I'm

not sure how I felt about the show.
It's about a messed-up family:
unemployed dad, cheating wife, rebellious son, and weird (really weird) daughter.
Like those four, there are four things that made up my experience of the show:

1) The mom was the same actress from my favorite soap opera:
One Life to Live!!

She stole the show (I swear I'm not being biased). Oh, Tea Delgado...

2) There was a cat and dog romance onstage, but it's played out by humans. The actor and actress were great,
but I just... couldn't get into it.
Initially, I gave it a chance. 
"This is Off Broadway, so it is more experimental!" 
Then, the cat and dog started singing
and my ears were not in the mood.
"When will this end?!" 
I wasn't laughing (I'm more of  a Dave Chappelle gal)
and this was super corny.
I was just like....

3) Do not starve yourself before the show.
I made the worst mistake possible by not eating beforehand. When the show started I found myself staring at the refrigerator (on stage). My stomach would growl, but no one heard. I did get lucky that day.

4) WARNING: The the sister and brother at the end... will be the weirdest crap you will ever see in your life. If this was the X Factor, I would have buzzed immediately. But no, I had to endure the torture of watching it.
While, it seemed to me like everyone was...

I was...

As much as I loved the mom (SHOUT OUT TO TEA DELGADO! You were the MVP of One Life to Live), I felt like I was watching a sitcom and I'm not that crazy about sitcoms because they all have the same plots and ideas.
It was like Full House.
Great show, but the realism was JUST NOT THERE. (I.E. The kids slapped their parents. If I ever did that, I might as well sign my own death certificate). 


OVERALL: This show was great, but not my cup of tea. 



$20 student tickets

Ensemble Studio Theatre
thru Feb. 8