POST: Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man. Enough said?

Rachel Moulton, Grant MacDermott, Keith Hines. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

Rachel Moulton, Grant MacDermott, Keith Hines. Photo by Jeremy Daniel.

How does one do a show about a gay man giving straight women sex tips? I took my friend Sam, who I later texted about the show (you can see this conversation below).

So this show turned out to be one of the funniest I have ever stepped into... and there was so much audience participation. The play itself was a talk-show, and the audience for the play was the audience for the show. The topic of the talk show? Sex tips by a gay man for straight women. 

My favorite audience-participants were Akshay and Isabelle. They were a couple that Dan Anderson, sex-tip-giving-author, pulled out of the audience. First, he asked about how long they'd been together and... blah, blah, blah. Then he pulled both of them into the show at random times. Akshay just had to flirt with Robyn. It was mildly funny.

Isabelle though. Oh, poor Isabelle.  They basically asked her to demonstrate things on the hot lights-guy/scientist of the show, Stefan (who later gave a very very lovely strip tease). She had to caress him and at some point nipple-twist . But yeah--poor Isabelle. Her face was on fire and she looked about ready to faint. 

It was nice.
It was my favorite part about the show.  Weirdly enough, there was character development. The host went from being someone who thought women were supposed to always be "proper" to someone who gave no shits about what anyone thought.

To me, the show's message was that being sexual is in no way a bad thing. Just because you're promiscuous does not mean you are not smart or uneducated. Stefan was sexualized throughout the whole show, and he was okay with that. He learned that it was okay to be a "scientist" while also being proud of your sexuality. 

I really liked that part. I feel like the idea of being "attractive" and "educated" are usually put at odds. Girls who are more sexually active are always labeled as "sluts".  I've always had such a problem with that. Honestly... who cares? No one should judge you for what you want to do. 

While the show inspired thoughts like that, it also inspired conversations like this: 

I don't think I've have laughed this much in a while. At one point three-women were brought to the stage, blind-folded, and told to demonstrate hand-jobs as per Dan's instructions. Then, they started a contest to who could do it the longest and the best. Because of the blind fold, one of the women had no idea the contest was over and went on for about 5 minutes past the other two women. 

The amazing thing about this show is it'll be different every time. And, most of the things that made me laugh were how the audience acted and reacted. That can never be repeated. Each show is different. 

But each show, I'm sure, is... spectacular. 

Keith Hines. Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Keith Hines. Photo by Jeremy Daniel