POST: Tamburlaine the Great. What is with that Shakespeare?

So I walk in and realize it's a kind of theater I've never been in before.

It was interesting. The stage was like a Transformers design. Metallic. New. It weaved through the audience. There were layers to it. 

So before I came, I knew Tamburlaine the Great had gotten some great reviews.
So my expectations were....

Pretty high. 

In the back of my mind, I also knew it was a Shakespeare play. But for some reason I had high hopes the play would be in more modern English, rather than the English that Shakespeare's plays are written in. 

I was wrong. It was in good old perfect Shakespeare. 

So I thought I would hate it, but I was wrong about that too. 
It was about conquests.
It had some interesting twists (which made me think I probably should have read up on the play before I came).

I went from... 


and then... 

And that was all in the first part. 

The first part was extremely long and dragged out a bit, and I was a bit confused as to what they would do for the next ninety minutes. 

It seemed like all the places to be conquered were conquered.
All the people that needed to be killed were dead...
But the show went on.

Oddly enough, the second part was SSSUPPPPEERRRRRRR Fast

...even though next-to-nothing actually happened. Some more people died. Life went on.
There was a lot of talking.
I came out of that show happy. I'm glad to have witnessed it.

There was a lot of blood and death, but it was all done stylistically.
It looked very real,
but obviously fake all-at-once.
The actors used the audience as props. 
The actors were recycled in an ironic manner.
It was all really different, mostly due to the way they used the Transformers-stage.
All in all it was...

$20 tickets (TFANA's NEW DEAL)


Tamburlaine the Great
@ Theatre for a New Audience's
Polonsky Shakespeare Center
hru Jan. 4