We are a resource that furthers expression through inclusion. For #tickets we have a guide that breaks down the easiest/cheapest way to see live art in every borough. Also an #Opps page to share tips related to NYC's opportunities for artistic professional growth.

#SEEN is made possible by submissions from young audience members across New York City. If you’ve seen anything you’d like to share, hit us up here.




Past SEEN Contributors:

A Tangco, Alison Hamill, Alondra Jimenez, Angelisse Aponte, Anne Luben, Caroline Thompson, Cheyanne Clarke, Christa, Gina Riccitelli, Gino Liardo, Imani Redman, Isiah Alphonso, Jadae Johnson, Jazmin Luperena, Joel Salas, Julio Hernandez, Justin Joyce, Justin Rodriguez, Kelveen Fabian, Khalil Smith, Kory Longsworth, Lakshmi Bisram, Liam Mulshine, Maham Ghani, Malithi Perera, Manwa Abdelaziz, Marison Duarte, Mariuxi Cortez, Meytav Bayin, Miriam Vergara, Mona Dwedar, Patrick, Rebecca Filetti, Ricky Charriez, Sabrina Banfi, Samiha Ahmed, Sara Damour, Sarah Lermsider, Sasha Dastine, Shyanne Melendez, Sigredo Santiago, Sylwia Nosowicz, Veronica Ryzio, Viani Edwards, Victor Lopez, Youssra Dwedar, Yvelyne Freycinet, Zoe Kamil

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